Our Vision

Barrhaven Presbyterian Church PURPOSE STATEMENT (Why Does Our Church Exist?) 

Barrhaven Presbyterian Church, is a family, commissioned by Christ, gathering together in faith to glorify God and nurture spiritual growth through worship and service within our community and beyond. 

Barrhaven Presbyterian Church MISSION STATEMENT (What We Do)

 Because we are called together by God’s love in Jesus Christ, Barrhaven Presbyterian Church Mission is: to love God, to love people, and to introduce the world to Christ. (Matthew 22:36-39) 

We do so by:

  • nurturing our relationship with God through worship, prayer and Bible study.
  • strengthening our relationship with God and with each other
  • committing ourselves to be the voice of hope and support to the people of our community.
  • striving to be an open door church, actively reaching out and welcoming all people from our larger community, particularly those who are lonely and those who are living on the edge.
  • Investing our God-given gifts of time, talents and treasure, as we are committed to living as the body of Christ in the world.

Barrhaven Presbyterian Church VISION STATEMENT (What We Plan to Accomplish)

Our vision is to see the members of Barrhaven Presbyterian Church, over the next five years, growing in ministry and mission.

We will do so by:

  • working with our Presbytery and the Presbyterian church in Canada to build on Barrhaven’s church land a multipurpose meeting place for our worship and community use. Such a place would be a great asset to our witness and outreach to the Barrhaven community.
  • expanding our invitation to the community to join us in worship by building relationships with them, providing them with discipleship and leadership education and inviting them to serve the Lord with us, this could happen through:
    • starting a coffee area in our building that is open to the people of our community which allows people to build friendships with one another. This coffee shop will allow us to start a relationship with them as well as invite them to our activities.
    • having a ministry among lonely people of our community through our coffee area, offering them friendship and spiritual counseling with the help of other ministers and counselors of our Presbytery and Community.
    • serving parents and toddlers in our community with the free play group as there is a big need in Barrhaven’s growing community.
    • helping new immigrants to learn English, introducing them to Canada’s culture and providing care to their children during their studies.


Our Values:
Worshiping God
Loving God and our neighbours
Faith in Jesus Christ
Trusting the Holy Spirit
The Bible is the word of God
Teaching based on the Bible
Respect and Equality for all peopleSharing Christ’s love with others and serving them